Tacchella Elektra

Tacchella Elektra: the universal grinding machine

Tacchella Elektra is the new cylindrical grinding machine for both external and internal use for small and medium-sized workpieces, diameters up to 450 mm and workpiece lengths up to 1700 mm; internal grinding diameter up to 400 mmm. Elektra has always been synonymous with quality, versatility, cutting-edge technology and ease of use. Its main fields of application are general precision mechanics, aerospace, and electric motors. Thanks to its high configurability and wide range of accessories, it guarantees the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

A history of success

More than 20 years after its launch at EMO Hannover in 1997, Elektra has earned an important reputation as an icon of Italian-made universal grinding machines around the world. Today, as yesterday, it remains synonymous with quality, versatility, avant-garde and ease of use. Its main feature is the various possible configurations of the grinding wheel head, which is the heart of the machine and allows to place several tools in various combinations. In fact, it’s possible to install two, three, four internal or external grinding wheels which can be used in succession for the required  operations thanks to the automatic B-axis driven by a torque motor. The primary objective of the Elektra range is therefore to perform the entire machining of the workpiece in a single clamping, with all the advantages that this entails: better surface quality, better concentricity between the machined circumferences, less space occupied in the workshop, fewer manipulations, reduced costs and logistics.

Elektra: available models

Elektra 700

  • Distance between the centers: 700 mm
  • Available in two wheelhead configurations
  • Max. weight between centers: up to 350 kgs
  • Centers height: 180 mm – 230 mm – 260 mm

Elektra 1200

  • Distance between the centers: 1200 mm
  • Available in two wheelhead configurations
  • Max. weight between centers: up to 350 kgs
  • Centers height: 180 mm – 230 mm – 260 mm

Elektra 1700

  • Distance between the centers: 1700 mm
  • Available in two wheelhead configurations
  • Max. weight between the centers: up to 350 kgs
  • Centers height: 180 mm – 230 mm – 260 mm

Details that make the difference

Tacchella Elektra

Wheel carriage (X axis)

Carriage on extra-precise re-circulation rollers slides. Transversal movement by high precision recirculating ball screw driven through coaxial couplings by A.C. BRUSHLESS motor, carriage position control through absolute linear measurement system with resolution 0,0001 mm complete with pressurized air system.
basamento ghisa Tacchella Elektra

Cast iron basement

Monolithic structure in stabilized cast iron basement with peripheric channels for coolant recovery and conveyance. Machine mainframe is designed using 3D solid parametric modelling and FEM analysis.
Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our interactive software T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package), dedicated to grinding, guides the operator step by step on how to operate the machine in compliance with safety regulations. The software allows to easily manage automatic grinding cycles, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and flash hider during plunge grind and reciprocating grind cycles. This man-machine interface uses a few simple pages with graphic support. The operator can set up operations to perform through guided procedures and the execution of all available workings.
Tacchella Testa portapezzo universale


The standard workpiece-holding head on a fixed and rotating spindle base is mounted on high-precision bearings for machining between centres or cantilevered and has a load capacity of 100 kg at 100 mm from the spindle nose. The motor allows progressive speed variation by means of an AC BRUSHLESS coaxial motor. To facilitate the movement during machine set-up, the unit is equipped with a pneumatic lightening device. Additional workpiece-holding heads with a load capacity of 170 and 250 kg are available as options.
Tacchella contropunta


The standard tailstock with lever control for 120 kg capacity between centres and Morse 4 attachment taper. Equipped with an integrated micrometric workpiece cylindricity correction system and a pneumatic lightening system to facilitate movement during machine set-up. An optional hydraulic version is available to increase the capacity between centres up to 350 kg.
Asse B Elektra

Swivelling wheelhead (B axis)

“B” Axis, resolution 0,0001°, for the automatic orientation of th grinding wheel head on any angular position, freely programmable, between +20° e -210°, for face/external grinding operations and internal grinding. The axis is locked by means of a Tacchella “Quick Clamp” device.

Discover the possible configurations

Tacchella Elektra allows very high configurability of the grinding wheel unit, so as to meet the most different requirements, and focus on external grinding, internal grinding or both: for example, you can have up to 4 external grinding wheels (LR/LR configuration), or 2 internal spindles and one external grinding wheel (R/I/I configuration), or even two external electrospindles and one internal electrospindle (L/I/R)
rettificatrice esterni interni Tacchella Elektra configurazioni testa portamola standard
Tacchella Elektra configurazioni testa portamola

Discover the possible workings

Tacchella Elektra lavorazione rettifica interni
Tacchella Elektra universal grinding machines perfectly meet the most different external and internal grinding requirements, from one-off workpieces to medium production. Optional packages for polygons, threads and non-round machining are available.
Tacchella Elektra capacità di lavoro
Meccanica generale
Mandrini di precisione
Rettifica stampi industriali
Stampi industriali

Operating video: watch an internal external grinding running machine

Technical features

Technical features Elektra 700 Elektra 1200 Elektra 1700
Distance between the centers [mm] 700 1200 1700
Max. grinding lenght [mm] 700 1200 1700
Centers height [mm] 180  (230-260)
Max. grinding diameter [mm] 300 (400)
Max. peso tra le punte [kg] 120 (250)
Potenza installata senza accessori [kW] 30
Peso totale macchina senza accessori (kg] 6000 6500 7500
Testa porta mola
Diam. Max. mola x spessore max. x diam.foro (mm] 508 x 80 (100) x 203,2
Portenza motore mola [kW] 8,2
Velocità periferica mola [m/sec] 50
Orientamento angolare (-15°/+195°) Manual  –  B axis  –  B axis
Unità rettifica interni Opt.
Asse trasversale “X”
Corsa max. [mm] 400
Velocità max. [m/min] 12
Coppia Motore  [Nm] 8
Risoluzione [mm] 0,0001
Asse longitudinale “Z”
Corsa max. [mm] 900 1330 1830
Velocità max. [m/min] 12
Coppia Motore  [Nm] 8
Risoluzione [mm] 0,0001
Testa portapezzo
Cono attacco Int. /ext. Morse 5 / ASA 5
Gamma velocità [rpm] 10 ÷ 700
Coppia motore mandrino [Nm] 36
Cono attacco interno Morse 4
Diametro canotto [mm] 60
Corsa max. canotto [mm] 35 (70)
Correzione cilindricità [mm] ±0,10

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