Morara eQuick ID

Morara eQuick ID: the cylindrical internal grinding machine

The new cylindrical internal machines MORARA eQuick ID are perfect for all the grinding companies lookinfg for a production with the highest versatility. Infact the eQuick ID are suitable for the most varied requirements for grinding on clutch, couplings,  bushings, spindles and so on which can be used in single pieces or small series, but also on multiple diametrs (2 spindles for internal grinding with different revolutions ) or interpolation (one spindle for internal working and one for facing).

Depending on the model,  eQuick ID allows the grinding of holes of max 250 mm on a lenght of 150 mm, with a distance between workhead and internal spindle nose  up to 1.700 mm.

eQuick: available models

eQuick ID

  • Wheelhead slide
  • Available in two different configurations (F/I and I)
  • Load capacity: up to a 250 kg to 100mm from spindle nose
  • Height of centers: 180 mm – 230 mm 

eQuick ID Plus

  • B-axis with swivelling wheelhead with B Torque motor
  • Available in different wheelhead slide configurations
  • Load capacity: up to 250 kg  to 100mm from spindle nose
  • Height of centers: 180 mm – 230 mm 

Details that make the difference

Carrello asse X ghisa rettifica Elektra

Cast iron machine bed

Stabilised and ribbed cast iron base, with  peripheral coolant circulation channels. The machine model is designed using advanced 3D parametric modelling  and FEM analysis techniques.

Tacchella Testa portapezzo universale

Universal workhead

The workhead on a rotating spindle  base is mounted on  high precision bearings for machining  between centers or overhanging with ASA 5 coupling. Motors from 46 to 79 Nm allow the progressive variation of the speed by means of  AC BRUSHLESS motor; this head being of massive structure has a load capacity of up 250 kg to 100mm. To facilitate the movements during the machine set-up the group is equipped with a pneumatic lightening device.

Elettromandrino porta mola da interni

Electro spindles for internal grinding wheel

The latest generation of electro spindles with constantly controlled temperature and load: our spindles are fitted with high precision bearings for conventional wheels or high precision ceramic hybrid bearings for CBN wheels.

Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our  interactive T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package) grinding software takes the operator step-by step through the entire machine operation, easily and in compliance with safety regulations. The software makes it easy to manage automatic grinding cycles; roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and  sparking out durante plunge and reciprocating cycles.
The developped man-machine interface uses a few simple pages with a graphic support. The operator is able to set up the operations to be performed to set up through wizards for the esecution of all available machining operations. 

Discover the possible configurations

Whenever you need an accurate, fast, easy-to-use internal diameter machine able to manage very different profiles, the grinding machine Morara eQuick ID solves your job in a simple and effectively way.

  • Flexibillity in small and medium production
  • Suitable for small to medium workpieces, with diameters up to 450 mm and workpiece lenght up to 1500 mm on ID 170 model
  • Suitable for deep holes upto 350 mm with our special spindles
  • Capable of cylindrical and conical grinding
Configurazioni di rettifica Morara eQuick ID

Technical features

Series 70 120 170
  Capacity – Workpiece lenght [mm] 500 1000 1500
  Max. grinding lenght [mm]* * (see workpiece – used spindle and wheel quill adapter) [mm] 300* 300* 300*
  Workpiece rotation axis lenght [mm] 180  (230)
  Max. grinding diameters [mm] 350 (450)*
  Standard spindle  30.000 rpm [kW] 6
Max. grinding diameter [mm] da 5 a 150mm (1)
  (1) other diameters Vedi opzioni
  Installed power without accessories (approx) [kW] 30
  Total machine weight without accessories (kgs] 6000* 6500* 7500*
Grinding wheel  (only eQuick ID Plus) Orientamento angolare con asse  B
  Field of work** (according to the configuration)  ° -15° / +90°** ;  0° /+195 **
  Max diameters for face grinding  (Height 180-230mm) [mm] 300 x 60  x 127
“X” Axis
 Max. stroke [mm] 400
  Resolution [mm] 0,0001
“Z” Axis
  Max. stroke [mm] 900 1330 1830
  Resolution [mm] 0,0001

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