Morara Multimatic: internal/external grinding machine

Morara Multimatic: internal / external grinding machine

The Multimatic is an internal-external multitasking grinding machine with two cross carriage wheelheads and optional turret (can accommodate 3-4 spindles).
It ensures the combined grinding of internal and external diameters and the smoothing of medium-sized pieces.
It performs several overhanging machining at the same time with remarkable speed, simultaneously grinding internal and external with a perfect finish.

Multimatic: all available models


  • Machine for small-medium size parts
  • Max grinding diameters: 100 mm (internal) – 150 mm (external)
  • Max capacity: 100 kg
  • Max diameter in rotation: 250 mm


  • Machine for medium-large sized parts
  • Max grinding diameters: 2 00 mm (internal) – 350 mm (external )
  • Max capacity: 130 kg (250 kg opt.)
  • Max swing diameter: 360 mm (420 mm opt.)

Details that make the difference

Basamento Morara Multimatic

Cast iron machine bed

Stabilised and ribbed cast iron base, with peripheral coolant circulation channels. The machine model is designed using advanced 3D parametric modelling and FEM analysis techniques.

Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our interactive T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package) grinding software takes the operator step-by step through the entire machine operation, easily and in compliance with safety regulations. The software makes it easy to manage automatic grinding cycles; roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and sparking out durante plunge and reciprocating cycles. The developped man-machine interface uses a few simple pages with a graphic support. The operator is able to set up the operations to be performed to set up through wizards for the esecution of all available machining operations.

Testa porta mola esterni Morara Multimatic

External wheelhead

Electrospindle with integrated motor on high precision bearings, designed for dynamic balancing of the wheel. Optional hydrodynamic spindle.

Elettromandrino porta mola da interni

Electrospindles for internal grinding wheels

Electrospindles of the latest generation with constantly controlled temperature and effort: our spindles are equipped with high precision bearings for conventional grinding wheels or high precision ceramic hybrid bearings for CBN grinding wheels

Morara automazione caricatore robot

Preset for automation
The Multimatic range of grinding machines has been specifically designed to be easily interfaced with different types of automation: robots, gantries, integrated loaders, post-process measuring stations. The machine is therefore equipped with a shank for automatic compensation of grinding wheel wear and automatic positioning of the coolant nozzles.

Discover the possible workings

The Multimatic grinding machine was created to satisfy the most diverse grinding needs, from medium-high production batches.

It is able to grind external and internal diameters, shoulders, conical and spherical surfaces, as well as polygons and eccentric details.

Morara Multimatic configurazioni di lavoro
Ingranaggi pompa
Ingranaggi pompa

Technical features

Model 250 500 900 *
Distance between T.P.P. / internal spindle [mm] 400 900 1050
Max grinding length ext. / int. [mm] 50/70 (1) 70/170 (1) 100/250
Max rotating diameter (swing) [mm] 250 360-420 500-900
Max. / int. [mm] 150/100 (1) 350/200 (1) 500/450
Max working weight [kg] 100 130 (250) 500
Total installed power (approx.) Without accessories [kW] 30 35 40
Machine weight, without accessories [kg] 8000 11000 13500
External wheelhead
Max wheel size, diameter x thickness x hole [mm] 508 x 50 x 127 610 x 60 x 203.2 760 x 100 x 203.2
Wheel motor power [kW] 9 11 15
Peripheral speed a [m / sec] 50
transverse axes “Xe / Xi
Max stroke [mm] 210/210 330/220 350/350
Max speed [m / min] 12
Motor torque [Nm] 10
Axis resolution [mm] 0.0001
Longitudinal axes Ze / Zi
Max stroke [mm] 220/340 305/530 350/610
Max speed [m / min] 12
Motor torque [Nm] 10
Axis resolution [mm] 0.0001
Attack cone int. /ext. Morse 5 / ASA 5 Morse 5 / ASA 6 Morse 6 / ASA 11
Change in number of revolutions [rpm] 1 ÷ 700 1 ÷ 600 1 ÷ 250
Spindle torque [Nm] 78 130 450

(1) Subject to technical verification of machine equipment.

* V special ersion : The final configuration of the machine can be adapted or modified according to the development of the project.

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