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Company policy for Quality, Environment ad Safety

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Company policy for Quality, Environment and Safety

Grinding Technology is founded on the acquisition of three historical brands in the international grinding machine scene, Meccanodora, Morara and Tacchella. The aim is to develop the potential of these historic brands with the integration of the FFG Group, promoting innovation and taking advantage of the group’s global sales and service structures.
Grinding Technology recognises the priority role of business activities aimed at meeting customer and stakeholder expectations and the development of relationships of mutual trust, recognising the need to follow basic business rules such as:
• Ethically and socially responsible behaviour;
• Customer and other stakeholder satisfaction is a fundamental value spread throughout the company structure;
• Relations with customers, suppliers and employees are based on trust, clarity and mutual respect with the company’s constant commitment to disseminating the company’s quality policy.
• The company structure is committed to the achievement and continuous improvement of the management system structured on the basis of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
• The value of human resources is constantly recognised; relations with personnel are based on esteem and empowerment with particular attention to education and professional training; all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership; all forms of forced or compulsory labour and exploitation of child labour are rejected;
• The entire company structure considers the continuous improvement of the organisation and its processes as a fundamental factor for the company’s development and for maintaining competitiveness and profitability;
•The company intends to improve its quality performance through the formulation of clear annual objectives documented and disseminated to the entire company structure;
• The company works consistently to ensure compliance with legal requirements and compliance with statutory and other subscribed requirements;
• The company pursues a design policy from the point of view of safety and quality focusing on products and services, considering the entire life cycle of the machine from assembly, installation, conditions of use, maintenance, to its dismantling and related processes.
• The company monitors its environmental impact analysing energy consumption (production of greenhouse gases CO2eq), production of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (MUD), atmospheric emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs),and/or carrying out regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems (FGAS) and/or intervening where possible to improve its ‘green’ footprint.
• The company has put in place adequate procedures to manage any accidental and emergency situations that may lead to significant environmental impacts;

The company works to ensure that:  effective measures are taken to prevent all forms of pollution, accidents, occupational illnesses and all other forms of safety by using the best available technologies, where technically and economically possible; or new technologies, new components, new production processes are used, where technically and economically possible, aimed at the constant improvement of health and safety.

This corporate Quality, Environment and Safety Policy document is subject to periodic review, constitutes the Cassine (AL) plant’s guide and the reference framework for establishing and reviewing objectives, targets and programs.

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