Tacchella eVERTICAL: vertical cylindrical grinding machine

Tacchella eVERTICAL

Innovative vertical grinding machine for cylindrical and polygonal pieces and designed for a circular economy. eVERTICAL guarantees the maximum precision in the production of cams, polygons and non-round pieces. Highlights: – Compact footprint – Faster setup time – Highest Flexibility – Reduction in production costs – Minimum quantity lubrification – M.O.P. Maintenance Operator Package – IT Industry 4.0 ready – HMI da Tacchella Tool Operator Package – Possible integration with in-process measuring instruments – Possible integration with a turning unit

Details that make the difference

basamento eVertical 3d

Cast iron basement

Stabilized and ribbed cast iron basement. The machine was designed by using advanced techniques of 3D parametric modelling and FEM analysis.  

CNC Siemens 840D with full touch screen

This powerful CNC allows to efficiently manage the machine. Its ergonomic full touch screen facilitates the operator by showing everything on a single display.
Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our T.O.P. interactive software (Tool Operator Package) easily guides the operator step by step and in compliance with safety regulations. The software allows to easily operate  automatic grinding cycles, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and spark out during plunge and reciprocating feeds. The man-machine interface uses only a few pages with graphic support. The operator is able to set up operations and all possible workings through guided procedures. This software consists in an update of the T.O.P application, revised to be adapted to its vertical design, to which is added the module T.O.P. CAM, especially developed for the grinding of non-round components. The eVertical is equipped with the package M.O.P. (Monitoring Operator Package) for the preventive maintenance, which guarantees the final customer an instrument to verify the life cycle of the machine parts.

Workpiece clamping and positioning

Focal point of this new project are the orientation of the workpiece, which is placed vertically, and an axis bent at a 10-degree angle towards the inside of the machine. This results in a reduction of space on the ground and  in a easier way to change the workpiece. Furthermore, the 10-degree inclination allows to use the force of gravity to block the workpiece without the need for special equipment. The work head is located in the lower part of the working area and has an opening for placing the workpiece upwards and enabling its entrance. The tailstock is located at the top and slides automatically in order to compensate the different lengths of the components that can be loaded on the machine.

Discover all possible workings

The grinding machine eVERTICAL was designed to satisfy several needs of straight plunge grinding. It is capable of grinding diameters, eccentrics and non-round components (cams, polygons), in particular shafts, rotors and crankshafts with diameters from 10 mm to 200 mm and lenghts up to 600 mm.
Alberi a gomito
Rettifica motori elettrici

Technical features

Max. grinding diameter 200 mm
Max. grinding length 600 mm
Max. workpiece weight 50 kg
Max. wheel width 50 mm
Max. grinding wheel diameter 508 mm
Peripheral speed of the grinding wheel 50 (63) mm
Spindle power 8,5 kW
Z-Axis motion system Digital motor and ball screw
Z-Axis control Absolute optical scale
X-Axis motion system Linear motor
X-Axis control Absolute optical scale
CNC Siemens 840D
HMI operating interface T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package)
Integrated functions T.O.P. CAM
Dimensions (length x width x height) 2741 x 1822 x 2532 mm
Weight 9800 kg

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