Tacchella eProflex

Tacchella eProflex

eProflex is the first external cylindrical grinding eco oriented : the project is directly inspired to Tacchella Proflex and maintains its quality of flexibility and reliability. The machine, equipped with a compact layout and cross axes, is characterized by its eco-friendly philosophy of providing numerous advantages in environmental and economic terms.
The main points of eProflex are minimal lubrication, the W Axis for automatic compensation of the workpiece length , the double workhead and the CNC Fanuc iH Pro 21.5 “ full touch .
The project is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized productions looking for high flexibility and low costs: Tacchella eProflex guarantees a competitive improvement in production with reduced retooling times and lower machine costs.

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Details that make the difference

Foto basamento ghisa Tacchella

Cast iron basement

Stabilised, ribbed cast iron basement with peripheral coolant circulation channels. The machine model is designed using advanced 3D parametric modelling techniques and FEM analysis.

Tacchella eProflex dettaglio Pannello touch Fanuc 2

CNC Fanuc full touch

The new CNC Fanuc iH Pro with Windows 10 allows efficient and advanced management of the machine functions: the large and ergonomic 21.5" full touch display facilitates operator activity allowing him to have everything under control in a single display.

Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our interactive T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package) grinding software takes the operator step-by-step through the entire machine operation, easily and in compliance with safety regulations. The software makes it easy to manage automatic grinding cycles; roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and quenching during plunge and pendulum cycles.
The developed man-machine interface uses a few simple pages with graphic support. The operator can set the operations to be performed for set-up via wizards and for the execution of all available machining operations.

Discover the possible workings


Workpiece Head

Made with high precision bearings, which guarantee maximum roundness accuracy of less than 0.001 mm. Progressive speed variation is performed by means of a digitally-controlled AC Brushless motor, while to facilitate the movement during machine set-up, the unit is equipped with a pneumatic lightening device.

The eProflex grinding machine was created to satisfy the most diverse grinding needs, from small batches to medium-sized productions. It is able to grind diameters from 10 mm up to 400 mm, piece lengths up to 1600 mm in the 2100 version.

It is able to grind diameters and shoulders in a single setup: it is suitable for the sectors of general precision mechanics, automotive, electric motors, etc. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, it allows to identify the optimal production methods, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Configurazioni di lavoro tacchella eProflex
Meccanica generale
Mandrini di precisione

Technical features

Max distance between centers 500 mm
Max grindable length 450 mm
Height of points 180 mm
Max dimensions wheel 508 x 80 (100) mm
Wheel peripheral speed < / td>

63 (80) m / s
Wheel motor power

11 kW
Max stroke W axis 350 mm

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