Tacchella Pulsar: the high production grinding machine

Tacchella Pulsar external cylindrical grinding machines are characterized by crossed hydrostatic X and Z axes. The different models allow the use of conventional disc wheels and CBN wheels for high cutting speeds. With Tacchella Pulsar grinding machines it is possible to work pieces with lengths up to 2,100 mm, maximum heights of 250 mm and limit weights of 250 kg between centers.

Tacchella Pulsar external cylindrical grinding machines satisfy every need for grinding rounded pieces such as threads, cams, eccentrics, regular polygons and special shapes.

The Pulsar line: available models


  • V and plane (Z axis) and linear (X axis) guides
  • Grinding wheel 610 x 100 (120) x 203.2 peripheral speed 50mt / s (63 opt.)
  • Capacity: 100 kg at 100mm from the spindle nose, 150 – 250 kg between centers
  • Center height: 180 mm – 230 mm – 260 mm



  • Hydrostatic guides
  • Grinding wheel 760 x 120 (150) x 304.8 peripheral speed 50mt / s (63 opt.)
  • Wheel 760 x 200 (350) x 304.8 peripheral speed 50mt / s (63 opt.)
  • Capacity : 250 kg at 100mm from the spindle nose, 250 – 400 kg between centers
  • Center height: 230 mm – 305 mm – 350 mm


CBN Technology

  • Linear motors
  • CBN wheel 500 x 40 x 127 peripheral speed 120mt / s
  • Capacity: 100 kg at 100mm from the spindle nose, 150 – 250 kg between centers
  • Center height: 180 mm – 230 mm

Details that make the difference

Foto basamento ghisa Tacchella

Stabilised, ribbed cast iron basement with peripheral coolant circulation channels. The machine model is designed using advanced 3D parametric modelling techniques and FEM analysis.

Tecnologia CBN Tacchella

CBN wheels

The Pulsar S1 version represents the most advanced know-how in the sector and decades of experience in applications with high-speed CBN grinding wheels, up to 120 m / s.

  • High cutting performance
  • Greater damping of machine vibrations
  • Constant quality level of the piece at the end of the machining cycle
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Superior finish quality of rectified surfaces
Tacchella Pulsar testa porta mola

Grinding wheel unit

The wheel carriage is made with technologies capable of eliminating stickslip phenomena and obtaining the high dynamism of the grinding machine. The adoption of crossed guides, transverse "X" axis and longitudinal "Z" axis, which make it possible to minimize the overall dimensions on the ground by rationalizing the arrangement of the fluidic and electrical systems, slide thanks to high precision ball screws, coupled directly to the digitally controlled Brushless AC motor. The wheelhead for external grinding can be rotated from -5 ° up to + 26 ° 34 'in the automatic version. Axis B. The positions of the axes are constantly monitored by an absolute linear measuring system, complete with a pressurization unit, with double protection of the folding and telescopic guides.

Tacchella TOP software

Software Tool Operator Package

Our interactive software T.O.P. (Tool Operator Package), dedicated to grinding, guides the operator step by step on how to operate the machine in compliance with safety regulations. The software allows to easily manage automatic grinding cycles, roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and flash hider during plunge grind and reciprocating grind cycles. This man-machine interface uses a few simple pages with graphic support. The operator can set up operations to perform through guided procedures and the execution of all available workings.

Tacchella rettifiche automazione caricatore robot

Integration with automated systems

Tacchella Pulsar is designed to be easily interfaced with automated loading systems or external robots for maximum productivity Proflex è predisposta per essere interfacciata agevolmente con sistemi di caricamento automatizzati o robot esterni, per ottenere la massima produttività.

Discover the possible workings

The Pulsar grinding machine was created to satisfy the most diverse grinding needs, from medium-high production batches. It is able to grind diameters from 10 mm up to 400 mm, piece lengths up to 1600 mm in the 2100 version.

It is capable of grinding external diameters, shoulders, conical and spherical surfaces, as well as polygons and eccentric shafts.

Lavorazione albero a gomiti Tacchella Pulsar rettifica
Configurazioni di lavoro Tacchella Pulsar
Ingranaggi pompa
Ingranaggi pompa
Alberi a gomito
Alberi a gomito
Rettifica motori elettrici
Motori elettrici e pompe
Particolari eccentrici
Particolari eccentrici

Take a look to the operation video

Technical features

Model PULSAR C1.60 PULSAR C3.75 LINEAR drive S1.50
Distance between centers [mm] * 800/2100 800/2100 800/2100
Max grinding length [mm] * 400/1600 400 / 1600 400/1600
Center height [mm] 180 – 260 180 – 230
Max grinding diameter [mm] ** 350 – 450 450 – 600 350 – 450
Max weight between centers [kg] 150 – 250 250 – 400 150 – 250
Total installed power (approx. .), without accessories [kW] 28 33 ÷ 45 48
Max wheel size, diameter x thickness x hole [mm] 610×150 (200) * x203 , 2

760×120 (150) * x304,8

760×200 (350) * x304,8

500x50x127 < / td>
Wheel motor power [kW] 17 17 – 29 24 (S1)
Peripheral speed [m / sec] 50 (63) 50 (63) 120 (140)
wheelhead orientation
Axis < b> “X” A.C.Brushless A.C.Brushless Linear motor
Max speed [ m / min] 15
Axis resolution [mm] 0.0001
< b> Axis Z” A.C.Brushless < / i> A.C.Brushless A.C. Brushless / Linear < / b> motor
Max speed [m / min] 15
Axis resolution [mm] 0.0001
() Technical variant (option).
* Subject to technical verification of the machine equipment.
** Limitations may arise depending on the overall dimensions.
Dimensions, weights and characteristics may vary according to the accessories chosen.
Straightness ≤ 0.0035 / 1550 mm
Nominal voltage three-phase current 400V ± 10% – 50Hz

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