A second life for your machine


A grinding machine is a complex piece of machinery: thanks to our experience we offer you the possibility to restore the original quality of your machine.

  • Restore of the machine geometries, with hand-scraping of the base guides
  • Cleaning, restoring and painting tables and slides
  • Restoration of anti-friction material (Turcite)
  • Change of Lexan
  • Complete revision of workhead, tailstock and wheelhead units
  • Fitting of safety guards and protections
  • Sandblasting and repainting of the machine fairing
  • Machine final acceptance test with new certificate issuing


Precision and the good working condition of workhead, tailstock and wheelhead assemblies are essential to maintain good quality of the produced pieces. We can offer you a complete overhaul , carried out in a short time to minimise machine downtime,  returning  the assemplies  to you as good as new:

  • Restoration of anti-friction material (Turcite)
  • Change of bearings
  • spindles and quill chrome coating
  • Complete cleaning of the unit
  • Repainting
Revisione gruppi testa porta pezzo, contropunta, testa porta mola


We offer the possibility of on-site maintenance to examine the health of the machine.

It is possible to choose between a one-off maintenance job and periodic ones, according to the customer’s needs .

All maintenance activities essentially foresee:

  • Check and examination of the hydraulic and pneumatic system
  • Check of the electrical cabinet
  • Replacement of parts subject to wear and tear
  • Oil change, if necessary
  • Saving machine data and programs


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