Meccanodora: the history

Meccanodora capannone 1961

1961: Origins

Meccanodora was founded in Bosconero (TO) in 1961 as a manufacturer of special machines and mechanical equipment, founded by Adolfo Frari.

Storia Meccanodora anni 70

1970s: innovation and development

In 1971 Meccanodora presents the new high production "centr.O.matic" external grinding machine which incorporates its first patent for the revolutionary "Varfeed System", the system to allow grinding processes with continuous or variable pitch.

In 1972 he designed a new external grinding machine with an inclined workpiece head: this new technology allows a drastic reduction in the machining cycle time.

Storia Meccanodora anni 80

1980s: new technologies

The first high production external grinding machine with double spindle dates back to 1982, to grind 2 inner rings of the ball bearings at the same time.

In 1984 the new special grinding machine was born for machining the tracks of the homokinetic joint core with a wheel diameter of 200 mm and 6 divisions. This revolutionary technology has eliminated the division errors between the 6 tracks.

In 1987 the new twin-spindle external grinding machine was presented for the generation of the "Profilo Optimum" in the leg of the Tripod through the M.O.P. (Meccanodora patent).

Storia Meccanodora anni 90 CIMAT

1992: acquisition of CIMAT of Turin

In 1992 the acquisition of CIMAT was completed: CIMAT was a historic Turin company active since 1940 in the production of external and internal grinding machines as well as special ones.

Thanks to this acquisition, Meccanodora becomes one of the world's leading companies in the supply of complete lines to manufacturers of bearings and CV joints, such as GKN, Toyota, Delphi, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, INA as well as Fiat.

Meccanodora Futura e Vertical zero

End of the 90s and beginning of the new millennium

1998: Presentation of FUTURA, a new concept of vertical machine for grinding or turning / milling both before and after heat treatment of special diameters and profiles in a single piece clamping.

2003: Presentation of VERTICAL ZERO, a new vertical machine that allows the use of turning and grinding technology for the finishing of transmission gears.

2007: Presentation of the new double spindle milling machine for the simultaneous milling of 2 windows of the CV joint cage.

FFG grinding technology

2017: Joining the FFG Group

In 2017, aware of its strong international vocation, Meccanodora becomes part of the giant FFG (Fair Friend Group). The primary objective is to further develop the foreign potential of the brand by integrating it into the Group and making use of its numerous branches throughout the world.

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